Who wants to be a millionaire?

Epiphany Essentials is looking to identify and work with 100 individuals who desire to be millionaires.  We seek individuals who are committed, dedicated, and serious about changing their current financial state for the better.  If you are tired of:
  • Living Check to check
  • Going to Work/Job because you 'have' to and not because you 'choose' to
  • Not having enough money for the month

This challenge is for you.  

If you want to:
  • Join a community of like minded individuals
  • Receive affirmations, education, and information
  • Learn the secrets of the wealthy millionaires
  • Retire with millions in the bank and your investment portfolio
  • Create a concrete financial plan
  • Take control of your finances and mind your own business

This challenge is for you.

Get started today this challenge will include motivational and informational conference calls, live social media chats, financial management tools, conferences, workshops, webinars, wealth affirmation text messages and more.  Our goal is to assist in the creation of 100 millionaires by 2025.

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