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Interested in WHY you are here? Read on:

Helping people make meaningful change is the purpose of your business.
You want to do things differently, you want to do business your OWN way.
You are pioneering with new ways to offer your talents, skills and experience. 

People and society will tremendously benefit from what you have to offer.
However your challenge is that most people are stuck in their (unhealthy) ways.
People fear change and they can't even hear how you can help them better. 
At times it feels impossible to get through to the right people.

Your friends and family support your ambition.
But honestly, they don't really get the importance of what you do either. 

You collect their feedback and follow marketing guru's online, but it does not bring 'your' people closer. 
You long for authentic and real support from people who are on the same journey as you.  

Making meaningful connection is the fuel for everything I do.
All my life I have been looking for places where I belong.
Communities with like minded where it is safe to be authentic and honest.
A home where it is welcomed to bring 100% ME.

When I quit my job end of 2014 making fruitful connections became even more important. 
Personally, because I needed genuine support from women who could relate with my struggles, and 

business wise, because I did not have a clue how to build a business, let alone how to find customers. 

I couldn't find the place I was looking for, therefore I started WE Club. 
Since, I have organised more than 50 gatherings,
created a tribe of 500+ Women Entrepreneurs,
and stream bi-weekly WE Rise interviews.
Everything with the aim to support women (including myself ;-)) to make more impact with their business. 

I found out that WE are part of a huge shift that is happening right now. 
You are here because you feel it too and want to be part of it...

Women everywhere are waking up to their calling.
We urgently need to take care of our own needs, dreams and desires.
We must raise our voice and start to claim our own truth. 
Standing up for what we believe is not a luxury, it is essential for our health and well-being!!!  

I am on a mission to SUPPORT WOMEN TO RISE UP. 
Meaningful connections and business support are at the core of every thriving business.
By activating your feminine energy, you can make your business magnetising for potential customers and fans. 
All the tools, events and coaching I offer, support you to ignite your own tribe of good people. 
Your tribe provides you with all the input, support and sales you need to move your business forward. 
Having a tribe supporting your business means less pushing, spamming and hard work.
Resulting in doing what you LOVE, with more joy and flow! 

WE are creating a support network of business friends and customers that will nurture you and your business, so you can keep going! 

Download the FREE TOOL in the confirmation email that I will send you, and start immediately to make your network stronger. 
You will also receive a monthly email boost with more tools and my best tips to build your own valuable tribe. 

Together WE Rise and bring our planet back into balance!  

Marja Godvliet
Founder of the WE Club
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