Have you written a novel for NaNoWriMo, but aren't sure how to get it from the mess that it is now to a novel that any author would be proud to read? I am an author of now 12 books, six of them novels and I am offering to you a pdf of a tool for FREE that I created to help you with that process. It is called The Comprehensive Novel Editing Checklist. 

In this FREE checklist, you will have step by step instructions. I'll start you with the biggest most important aspects of the novel writing process to the minute details of  proofreading. Get your copy today!

In addition to this checklist, I'll also enroll you (also free)  in my weekly newsletter that will take you more in-depth into the editing process. Every week I'll share various aspects of the editing process. In this newsletter I'll share what I know about the ins and outs of story, character, and scene development. In addition, I'll show you how to delve deep into dialogue along with other ways to make your book more enjoyable for the reader. I will show you to get down to the proof reading stage where I'll remind you concerning spelling, grammar and punctuation. Finally, I'll demonstrate how to get some of the basics of marketing down. I'll show you how to write a book description and we'll discuss the value of the right title for your book. 

You could edit your novel with just the checklist, but the newsletter will delve deep into the process to make your novel the best that you can possibly write. 

To Get Your Copy of The Comprehensive Novel Editing Checklist Today, I'll need your email so that I can send it to you and so that you can get access to my weekly newsletter How My Spirit Sings. 

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