Autism Doesn't Take a Summer Vacation...

Neither does ADHD or neither do we.

When education is a life, you don't really start and stop it. It's not really about sitting down at the table or living by the clock. It's about acquiring knowledge, growing in wisdom and developing a person. 

And when you've got an outside-the-box child, it can also be about staying sane with structure.

But everybody needs a break...especially me.

So school looks a little different for us in the summer. A little more relaxed. A little lighter.  But we still have a plan.

What if I told you today you could keep your homeschool fresh even if you go year round? That you could keep your child's education rolling over the next three months without sucking the fun out of summer?

I want to share something special with you...The Ultimate Summer Term Bucket List.

This is NOT your typical summer bucket list.

This guide touches on therapy, bible, memory work, literature, math, habits, American history, geography, nature study, composers, artists, science, hymns, typing, family fun and even something specific for you, mama ;). 

It's simple to follow and fun to do.

For those of you, like me, who love to check off boxes, it'll give you that warm and fuzzy feeling every time you color one in. 

Go ahead and put your email address in that box below and then check your email for your FREE copy of The Ultimate Summer Term Bucket List.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Cindy :).

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