Having a nature journal is a big part of a Charlotte Mason education...

Miss Mason had plenty to say about Nature Study and spending time in the Great Outdoors. Once a child is ready to begin his formal education, Nature Study should play a weekly role in his studies. In addition to reaping the benefits of being out in nature, attention to detail is a habit that can be cultivated through journaling.

For years, our version of nature journaling was to randomly draw in a spiral sketch book and although some good came from this, I felt like we needed just a little more structure.

My Nature Journal: Three Years of Observation was birthed out of that desire.

With My Nature Journal: Three Years of Observation, you will get space to record…

  1. Three years of “first” sightings, organized by season
  2. The “Tree of the Year” by season
  3. Leaves found Locally
  4. Flowers from the Neighborhood
  5. Birds in the Backyard
  6. Critters in the Community
  7. Insects & Spiders of Interest
  8. Rocks & Seashells by the Seashore
  9. Weather for a Month
  10. Constellations on a Clear Night
  11. Moon Phases for a Month
  12. Exploring the Great Outdoors
  13. Free Sketches from Everyday Observations
  14. Charlotte Mason quotes throughout to inspire you and your child

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