Hello and welcome! I’m John Wayne Mullins - a leadership coach, trusted advisor for high performing leaders and Founder of the Mr. New Dad coaching program and podcast. During my 22-year career in the U.S. Coast Guard and in the Federal Government as an Government employee,  I've served in multiple leadership positions from admin officer and strategic planner supporting CG operations to the board room facilitating or coaching aspiring and executive leaders and business owners. In my leadership newsletter, I share tips on how to increase your leadership ability whether its as an entrepreneur, a small business owner, a team leader or supervisor, a Pastor, a Senior Vice president or director or even as a New Dad who's trying to navigate the challenges of becoming a Dad. I’d be honored to have you join my newsletter/mailing list. Want to stay better connected with me? Sign up to be added to my email list and receive regular leadership tips and insights to help you become a better you.
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