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After you're confirmed, you'll get a link to download one of my fantasy-detective novels from the Hank Mossberg series. If you're a fan of urban fantasy stories you'll love this series, and if you enjoy detective stories, I think you'll enjoy this new twist. Give it a shot: Hank is one of my most-loved characters! Other stories may also be available from time to time. We'll also let you know about Amazon promotions and freebies!

A little about me: I write fantasy and science fiction novels under the pseudonym Jamie Sedgwick, while my mysteries are published as Jeramy Gates. I promise, they're both me! Any questions? Feel free to email me any time. Now go get your free books, and if you'd be so kind, pass the word on to a friend. And don't forget to drop a review for me on Amazon. I always appreciate your help!
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